Why was I not notified of a public hearing?

The applicant(s) is/are required to notify all property owners (as recorded with the county assessor) within 200' of the subject property.  The notification of the meeting date, time and location should be mailed at least 15-days prior to the public hearing.  Our ownership and mailing data is obtained through County records; therefore, if you are a property owner within 200' and did not receive a letter of notification, the County may have the incorrect mailing address.  Notification letters are sent to property owners - not tenants!

To provide notification to interested parties outside of the 200', notification requirements include the posting of a yellow Public Notice sign on the property, and publication of the request within the Rio Grande Sun, or other local newspaper of general circulation, at least 15-days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Agendas are also posted on the city's website at least 72-hours prior.

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2. Why was I not notified of a public hearing?
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