Resolution 2018-15

What Is Resolution 2018-15 About

In an effort to address buildings and/or structures that are ruined, damaged and dilapidated, or any premise that is covered with ruins, rubbish, wreckage or debris, Resolution 2018-15 will be presented to the Governing Body at the July 10th, 2018, City Council Meeting.  

About The Meeting

At this meeting, the Governing Body will review 43 properties that staff has identified with structures that are ruined, damaged and dilapidated, or is a menace to the public comfort, health, peace or safety of the community.  A public hearing will be opened for the property owner(s), neighbors, and public alike to voice support or opposition for the passing of Resolution 2018-15.  It is at this time that staff will make recommendations and property owner(s) can plead their case.  Should Resolution 2018-15 be passed, public hearings regarding the listed properties will continue monthly at regularly scheduled City Council meetings.

What is the Objective

The optimal goal is voluntary compliance by the responsible party. However, should the building/structure/property fail to comply, approval of Resolution 2018-15 would allow the city to intercede and invoice the property owner for the costs to clean, and/or remove any condemned building, structure, rubbish or debris.  Failure to reimburse the city for abating the situation will result in a property lien.

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