Process and Schedule

The Process

Our new on-site method is electronic, which enables the Code Enforcement Team to process code violation notices immediately during assessment.  This provides the efficiency needed to be able to address more properties in less time.  The process also allows for easy tracking and data collection that will help identify frequent violations and troublesome areas.  Citizens continue to be provided due process as outlined below.  It is important to note the following: (1) Only two 30 day extensions will be issued and require the posting of a Public Notice Sign; explanation for why he/she wants an extension is not necessary. (2) We notify the property owner  recorded with the county.  If you are not the owner, please contact us immediately.  (3) The violation process will begin again for any person(s) who proceeded through the court process, paid a fine, and still has yet to abate their violations.

Violation Identified


After First Citation


After Second Citation

2nd Notice

The Schedule
Since the implementation of the process, the city has been broken into neighborhoods.  The Code Enforcement Team has scheduled each neighborhood to be visited once every two (2) weeks.  This schedule aligns  so that any First Citation recipient will receive a follow-up visit 14 days after the notice was issued.

Neighborhoods_Code Enforcement