Interactive Map Gallery

This page provides the public with an interactive way to use our maps and data.  Each map is designed with a specific subject and tools to provide searching, information retrieval and custom map creations.


Address & Boundary Map
This map illustrates addresses, property lines, municipal boundary, land grants and pueblo entrusted lands within the city.  You can search for addresses, streets, property owners and/or UPC#s.  Simply start typing within the search widget (top left), and select your request.  An identification "pop-up" box will appear.  Want to get a closer look?  Click the Zoom To within the "pop-up" box.  You can click an address pin, within a parcel and/or a street for more of its information.  Don't forget to try our toolbox ribbon (top right) to discover what else you can do!


Official Zoning Map
This map is designed to illustrate the zoning districts within the city.  Addresses, streets and parcels have been included to provide location benefits.  Zoom in and out to desired location or use the SEARCH widget to narrow the location by street, physical address or UPC#.  Specifics regarding development regulations for each zone are outlined within the Municipal Code, Chapter 350.


Council District Map
This map identifies the municipal voting districts and county precincts for addresses within the city boundary.  Physical Addresses, Streets and Property Information can all be searched through the SEARCH widget to determine voting district.  Specifics regarding a Municipal Election can be answered through the City Clerks Office.