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Burn Permit Request

  1. Open Burning is allowed seven days a week. The Lieutenant on shift will determine burn hours. (Weather Permitting). You must call the Española Fire Department at (505)747-6070 between 8am and 9am before each burn to verify there are no restrictions and provide your burn permit number.
    Permits are valid for one calendar year.
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  5. Terms and Conditions for Open Burning
  6. 1. You must call the Española Fire Department at 747-6070 prior to burning and get verbal permission to burn. The Firefighter on duty will give you the weather conditions and permission. (Call between 8 and 9am.) No burning is allowed until permission has been granted.
    2. Burning is to be fully extinguished included, active fire, smoldering ambers and smoking. One hour before sunset.
    3. Burning of household or construction waste is prohibited.
    4. All burning is prohibited within 100 feet of structures, houses, businesses.
    5. Winds shall not exceed 7 miles per hour.
    6. If smoke from burning interferes with public, you will be asked to fully extinguish the fire, active fire, smoldering, ambers and smoking.
    7. Materials burned shall be as dry as possible and the amount of dirt must be minimized on the materials being burned.
    8. No Trash, processed material, synthetic, rubber products and petroleum products shall be burned.
    9. All applicable restrictions, codes and ordinances, whether temporary or permanent, of other governmental bodies must be complied with.
    10. The burn area must be attended at all times while burning.
    11. Tools will be on hand at all times during burning. These are shovels, water and sufficient personnel on hand to control the fire.
    12. All burning will cease when atmospheric conditions are such that an air advisory is issued by the weather service.
    13. Burn pile may not exceed 4' x 4' x 4' with no exceptions. Vegetation may be added as pile decreases.
    14. When burning open fields; (such as farm land, etc.) ; burn area must not exceed .5 of an acre at a time, and you must have a crew of 6 or more.

    Burning of Rubbish, Trash, or Paper Products shall be prohibited. This permit is subject to compliance with the Terms and Conditions listed herein, and all permission for open burning granted explicitly or implied shall be null and void in the event said Terms and Conditions are not met by the resident. The Española Fire Department, and/or Española Police Department shall make the final determination of compliance. Residents are subject to a fine up to $500.00 and/or 90 days in jail for willful disregard of City Ordinance 2000-02, Section 1-10.
  7. I, hereby, certify that I have read and understand all the Terms and Conditions For Open Burning contained herein, as well as any supplementary written information with which I have been provided relating to safe and legal open burning.*
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