Mayor Javier E. Sánchez 

Javier moved to the beautiful Española Valley over 20 years ago. After graduating college and getting his first job, he lived on the West Side and commuted daily to Santa Fe. Working as an analyst for a mutual fund company, Javier learned to analyze the financial statements of publicly held companies. In addition to acquiring investment management and accounting skills, Javier honed his ability to scrutinize data and establish a no-nonsense approach to decision making. This experience strengthened his insight regarding what companies look for in local communities. 
As a businessman and analyst, Javier is uniquely positioned to focus on the beauty that Española has to offer and what it needs. Combining his education with experience as an entrepreneur and investment manager, Javier has the leadership capabilities to raise the standards required to position Española for growth. With pride, fundamental and sound economic business practices and professionalism, we can take Española in a new direction. Together we can raise the standard of living for current and future generations through honesty, integrity, and pride.
Javier received a Congressional scholarship to attend high school in Stade, Germany as a foreign exchange student.  He also spent time studying at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.  Javier received his undergraduate degree with Honors in Philosophy from Yale and his Masters of Business Administration Finance from Yale.